Where Craftsmanship Meets Love & Dreams

Born out of a passion for design, the Miss Knitwear mohair range combines the best of old world mohair techniques with new-age fashion trends to create a line which resonates with the modern women.

This elegant and luxurious mohair collection is designed by Cape Town based designer, Candice Johnson. Using rich quality kid mohair, Candice has created a range of scarves, ponchos, shawls, beanies and other knitwear which possess a soft, comforting and gentle makeup.

A celebration of femininity, love, dreams and romance, the Miss Knitwear range strikes the perfect balance between pure comfort and elegance by offering an array of masterfully crafted authentic, stylish, natural and sophisticated mohair pieces. Sourced from the unforgiving and arid landscape of the Karoo, this collection is symbolic of finding beauty and comfort in the world and luxuriously knitting it into a range that showcases the very best of the Karoo in a collection that is characterised by quality, softness and elegance.

Miss Knitwear, however, is not just a collection of elegantly designed mohair garments. It is a commitment to treading lightly on the earth, creating authentic beauty and originality, celebrating the wonder of Mother Nature and committing wholeheartedly to sustainability.

It is unique and authentic collection which offers fashionable women a nostalgic throwback to the golden age of mohair production with an ingenious modern twist. Modelled on contemporary stylings and trends, this range of quality mohair garments is completely removed from mainstream mass production. Rather, it provides an avant-garde, natural and elegant approach to women’s fashion that compliments the trendy contemporary woman who is looking for the perfect combination of style and comfort.

Candice Johnson Miss knitwear